Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lesson Learned: EAT

After a month (well, okay, three weeks) of decent works, I had a really shitty one today. Barely made 600m in the pool and then about passed out doing some lifting.

The worst part of all of this?

It could have been avoided.

Granted, part of the swim crappiness was due to a REALLY warm pool (85 degrees! seriously 24hr, you suck at regulating pool temps). However, I know the massive bonk I experienced was due to poor nutrition.

I woke up late this morning (day off from regular job; just had to write the ol' column) and didn't have breakfast until about 10:30am. I then wrote for the rest of the morning. 2pm rolls around and I think to myself, "Oh hey, self, you should probably go to the gym. Pool's probably not going to be that busy. You should go now and NOT later because you know later tonight you'll be waiting 20min for a lane."

So I listen to my inner voice and go ... despite not having consumed anything since breakfast except for a piece of string cheese. Oops. It's really no wonder why I bonked so hard.

Lesson learned, I suppose, even though it's something basic that I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. Oh well.


  1. You sure are learning a lot, Brandon! Sometimes our fitness center pool is too hot also. It feels like swimming in warm oil! We have a large geriatric membership so several things at the club are modified for them. It's where the money is :-)

    Dr. J