Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Good Start

While I'm going to post (a few) pictures of the run Brandon talked about us doing yesterday, I first wanted to post my thoughts after my workouts today.

My original plan was to ride the stationary bike at the gym and probably lift. However, I modified my plans as it was just about 50 degrees out and is the warmest I'll see until next week (getting ass cold here and is going to be ass cold in minnesota this weekend where we'll be). So ... I decided to run. AND bike.

Neither discipline was anything to write home about - a fairly slow 1.75 mile run and a mind-numbingly boring 25min on the bike (9mi!), but I realized something as I was walking out of the gym.

Last summer, when training for the My Way or the Tri Way ... if I had put in a day like that (with either a stationary bike or a REAL bike), I would have been totally happy. I realize NOW that days like that aren't what one wants when one is in the meat of their training with mere months or weeks to race date. One wants a day like that now ... in the slow, formative phase of training.

Granted, it's still most likely going to be a while until actual two-a-day workouts kick in (unless you count cardio/lifting on the same day, which i don't). However, it was nice to get in something like that this early ... especially when I know I'm going to have to in a few years when I'm training for Ironman.

Now, on to the fun part: PICTURES! I missed a couple fun ones (like a GOOD picture of the hellish hills we had to run up and brandon slip-sliding on ice on the sidewalk), but here are a few anyway.

Being silly before the run. Yes, I'm on his back.

Me still attacking.

Part of Lone Tree Parkway. This was fairly early in the run. I know it doesn't look bad ... but it is. This is also part of the first monster hill of the stupid Lone Tree Firecracker 5K I've done every year since its inception.

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