Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Round-Up

I officially am DONE with my workouts for the day, so I can do this blog. On time! What the what?!?


Swimming: 21100m (13.1 mi)
Cycling: 269.56 mi
Running: 62.04 mi
Lifting: four sessions (:48)
Other: three yoga sessions (:58)

In my February recap, I was hoping for more progress and less exhaustion in March. Progress was definitely a thing (about 6k more in the water, 100 more mi on the bike, about 30 more run miles), but less exhaustion? Ha. There are moments.

I did get sick this month - a cold finally overtook me - and that knocked me out for several days and made me cut a few workouts short. I think I'm finally learning my lessons from years past, though, and didn't push through and took it easy and oh hey, I'm still not sick three weeks later like usual!

Growth. It's a thing.

In general, most of March was 8-9 hour weeks. This week, the month-straddler, I'm scheduled for a little over 10 and so far, so good. Hello, Ironman training ...

And because these posts get BORING, I leave you with this horrible, awful, British earworm that y'all can thank my dad for emailing me.


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