Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy with myself

Yesterday I was out on a long-ish bike ride (1:45:00) by myself.  I mean, not totally.  The trails were packed, but I was training solo.  It was definitely a beautiful spring day.  Mid 60's in temps, sun was out for the beginning of my ride, and it just felt awesome to not be at work and be outside.

If you follow our blog/life, you know that shortly after I upgraded to Captain and discovered the joy of making lots of money, it kind of took over my life.  And the ironic thing is, the more I made, the more I wanted to make.  It took an intervention from T to remind me that "I am enough".  And while I have believed that I am enough, certainly a lot of factors have come along to remind that maybe I'm not enough.  I mean let's face it - I still haven't landed my dream airline job, despite having gone to numerous job fairs.  I didn't finish either 1/2 Ironman I did last year.  And I'm still working to pay off my debts.  So yeah, am I enough?

At some point on the ride yesterday, I felt a calm come over me.  I smiled to myself and realized that while my life certainly isn't perfect or where I want it, I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I'm very happy with who I am and what I have.  

I am enough.

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