Monday, March 28, 2016

Back with Skirt!

I've had the announcement ready to go with this for a while, but since I FINALLY went through with my idea for said announcement ...


That giant collection of Skirt means that yes, I'm a Skirt Sports Ambassador again this year! More importantly, I was chosen, off the recommendation of my fellow Skirts, to be an Ambassador Captain. As I don't have the biggest social media reach (as all 20 of you who read this know ...), I was a little worried about this, but it just proves that there's more than how many blog readers or Instagram or Twitter followers (@tgeist23 for me for both ...) you have sometimes.

So! If you've ever wanted to try a running skirt - the original running skirt! - or get some cute capris, or the brand-new-and-I-can't-wait-to-try Not So Cheeky shorts (shorts with attached compression underneath to eliminate chafing), use my personalized discount code (TG20AMB; also found on the sidebar to your right) to get 20% off your next order.

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