Monday, September 28, 2015

Race #5 of the Season: Littlefoot Triathlon

Although Harvest sucked, I couldn't dwell on the DNF that long - I had another race a week later. On Sunday, September 20, I had a sprint triathlon to do. 

As I was still waiting to hear back regarding my official Harvest times, I didn't want to clear out my watch yet, so I raced this one with only a general sense of how I was doing in regards to time. I figured I'd get official times later. 

I worked Saturday morning and had to work Sunday afternoon after the race. I still had bad sunburn marks from my tri tank, so I wore an ancient old Skirt Sports rash guard tee underneath said tank to prevent me from more sun. I tried a waterproof bandage with waterproof tape on my neck to help prevent further wetsuit chafing, but that came off within like five minutes of the practice swim (sorry, Bear Creek!). 

I got to Bear Creek Lake Park right as transition opened and was one of the first cars there. I unpacked all my stuff in the dark and took a while to set up my spot. (It was dark, and windy ... and I may have walked back to my car for a blanket to huddle in until I felt like setting everything up). I got my packet and quite possibly the best race shirt ever.

It's a dinosaur!

Eventually I used the light from my phone (and others) to set up my transition spot. I kind of dilly-dallied until we had 10 or so minutes left in trans before I went to go wander down to the water and warm up.

The water was a little cold, but nothing horrible. The ambient air temperature and the wind made life much worse. Thankfully, as the swim had in water wave starts, I never had to leave the lake once I got in it until after I finished the swim.

The Swim:

For once, a swim NOT into the sun! Hooray! One of the kayakers said we should sight often as the wind was screwing with everyone. I took this to heart somewhat, but I think the wind actually helped me swim better, as I felt like I sighted/swam in a straight line like a champ.

Still chafed. Was still slow. I love sprint swims (750m).

Time: 21:50 (253rd overall, 136th gender, 29th division)


Felt like I knit a damn sweater, taking my sweet ass time. Still ended up being one of the fastest T1 times in my division, though.

Time: 1:37 (81st overall, 34th gender, 7th division)

The Bike:

Ugh, my legs still felt trashed from one of those Harvest rides. There was more climbing than I wanted and I felt kind of on the verge of death the whole ride ... all 15km of it. 

(In other words, how you want a sprint ride to feel like.)

I was really surprised to see how I was in relation to others on the bike afterward, as it felt like the bike went awful and was in no way indicative of what I can actually do on a bicycle.

Time: 33:14 (167th overall, 60th gender, 9th division)


T2 is always slower for me. I gotta sit down, body glide my toes ... y'know.

Time: 1:55 (245th overall, 134th gender, 25th division)

The Run:

Oh, 5ks. I can suffer for a 5k. Like the ride, I felt on the verge of death for most of this run. The first mile was the longest mile ever (funny how they usually are). I was, happily, able to run probably a good three-quarters of a mile before walking the first time, so that was nice. Mostly, though, the run ended up being a run-walk slog to the finish before I managed to haul my ass across the line.

Time: 32:47 (231st overall, 112th gender, 25th division)

Overall Stats:
Time: 1:31:24
19/38 division (F30-34)
93/181 gender
205/318 overall

I need to get good at this race so I can get one of the awards - they looked like fossilized dino footprints! Come on!

Really, this race was just a way for me to regain my confidence in racing and get back into it. Race #76 was my 75th finish ... and it got me my second round of post-race pancakes, which made it TOTALLY worth it. Mmmm, pancakes.


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