Monday, September 14, 2015 is awesome!!!!

For those longtime readers of this blog, you know that both T and I have a very strong attachment to in Tucson.  We first visited there in April 2010 to buy wetsuits, and have been loyal customers ever since.  We've become friends with the owners and are proud to represent TrSsports as athletes in 2015.

So it should come as no surprise that I have an awesome customer service story from them that I have to share.

Last weekend, we were on a 50 mile ride on the Aurora course and my aero pad bracket snapped off.  The metal seemed like it fatigued and just went.  I cursed a lot, put the aero pad in my tri tank pocket, and eventually caught up to T.  She sent out a tweet to, Profile Design, and Quintana Roo asking them "so this is probably NOT supposed to happen to your aerobars, right???"

A day later, Labor Day, mind you, TriSports tweeted her back, saying "yeah, um, no!  We will have you fixed in just a bit!"  Debbie, co-owner of TriSports, sent T a text asking for details on my bike and aero bar set.  She got ahold of me as well, and told me that they would be getting me a new aero bar bracket in the mail ASAP, being that I had a race coming up on Sunday (recap coming soon).

Thursday, I checked the mail, and the new set was there.  I nearly broke down in tears, just so happy with the awesome service that I had received from TriSports.  As I told T that day, I felt loved.  That's the power of great customer service, something TriSports is very very good with.

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