Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August Round-Up

Oh August. You had ups, and you had downs.

Swimming: 10700m (6.6 mi)
% to goal: 31%
Cycling: 170.97 mi
% to goal: 22.9%
Running: 54.45 mi
% to goal: 38.5%
Lifting: five sessions (1:46)
Other: six yoga sessions (1:41), one race volunteering (6:00), two walks (:50), one plyometrics session (:10)

I hit five digits for swimming, but I couldn't keep up the consistency from July. This is definitely something I need to improve upon for September.

On the bike, I had a lot of quality rides (woo 40 miles!), but the lack of quantity showed up. Still, I rode more miles this month than in July, so win?

Running is what really went well in August. I more than doubled my previous highest month total (March, for 24.29 (or May for .01 less than that)) just due to running consistently. Three times a week with a long run really ramps up the mileage. Funny, that.

The swim and bike numbers would have been a bit better had I not crashed and burned hard at the end of the month. My sleep got way out of whack which means I was averaging 1-3 house fewer a night than I typically get ... which is a lot. That lack of energy means a brain fog and one that's usually not smart to work through. It didn't mean days off; it just meant a bit more yoga and strength than normal. Which also isn't the worst thing, but y'know.

September's not off to the best start (yesterday was just a bit of strength, but led by the amazing Erin Carson from Boulder's RallySport), but I slept a bit under 12 hours last night (finally!), so things should be looking up shortly. Plus I have two tris this month so that should really help on the mileage front ...

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