Thursday, October 8, 2015

September Round-Up

This ... was not a good month.

Swimming: 6250m (3.88 mi)
% to goal: 33.5%
Cycling: 165.87 mi
% to goal: 26.2%
Running: 24.61 mi
% to goal: 43.4%
Lifting: two sessions (:44)
Other: four yoga sessions (1:08), one equestrian session (that is, playing with horses) (:30), two walks (:45)

This month was basically my DNF at Harvest, vague redemption at Littlefoot, and a whole lot of blah. I lacked ... anything resembling motivation. The numbers show this.

October is already off to a dismal start, but October 8th is our new version of January 1st regarding a lot of things, so hopefully things start looking up. Hopefully.

(Also this month: we signed up for Ironman Chattanooga. Eep.)

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