Monday, April 6, 2015

March Round-Up

I was going to do this last Wednesday on my day off, but I tend to avoid social media/posting anything on April 1st because, well, you know. It's still getting done.

March had ups and downs like any other month ... including a hell of a lot of stress which Brandon alluded to in his last post. Stupid house buying. That being said ... onward!

Swimming: 13,200m (8.2 mi)
% to goal: 14%
Cycling: 195.47 mi
% to goal: 9.8%
Running: 24.29 mi
% to goal: 10.5%
Lifting: seven sessions (2:07)
Other: ten walks (5:05), four yoga sessions (1:08)

Our nutritional goal of getting in more greens fell by the wayside as the stress of everything caught up with us ... our diets in general went to hell. We had been doing really well coming into this month (coming off the no fried food February) ... but stress makes us eat. I'm counting a small victory in the fact that we can now acknowledge that we're in a rut, acknowledge that we're eating poorly (despite still choosing to do so anyhow because sometimes, dammit, comfort food IS A THING THAT WORKS), because knowledge? Is power.

That being said, there is still growth happening, so we're both thankful for that.

In other March round up news ... you may notice a new stamp on the right sidebar - yep, that's right - I am now also a Skirt Sports ambassador! I've loved Skirt for years and one of the ladies that worked there said I needed to be an ambassador, so when their window opened up, I hopped right on it. There's a discount code for you to get 20% off Skirt love for you (or a special someone in your life). If you hate running skirts? No problem! They make shorts now as well as the cutest capris. Get on it!

We're also in the midst of our own March Madness - college hockey playoffs. March 28th, our teams both played for the right to go to the Frozen Four, so clearly we had to represent on our ride that day:


They both won, so now BU plays UND in the Frozen Four. Luckily (or unluckily), they play each other in the semis, so whoever wins that game gets to play for the title. GO BU!

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