Monday, April 27, 2015

Ebbs and Flows

They say April is the cruelest month and in terms of our fitness and training, it has never been more true.

NCAA Hockey playoffs were a bit brutal for us, as both of our teams made it to the Frozen Four.


There was a trip to Tucson, originally for a training camp, but ended up being less about the training and more about the stress relief.

(Buying a house sucks.)

We got the TriSports tour from Seton (didn't take pictures) and had lunch with Debbie (thanks guys!). 

We met Hillary Biscay and Maik Twielsek (who are both SUPER nice) and I bought a Smashfest Queen kit (okay, so it's not quite matching).

We went trail running.


We attempted climbing Mt. Lemmon (too early season for these lungs).



Skratch Labs Rescue Hydration mix was AWESOME on this ride.

We both saw our teams lose in the Frozen Four, him to mine and mine in the national title game.

We rode Old Spanish Trail and ran the Rillito River.

On our drive back home, the stress came rushing back thanks to house crap.

We closed on a house.

Training post-Tucson has been sporadic at best, as we have had to do so many things inside the new house. Packing, wallpaper stripping, painting, unpacking ...

I did the Skirt Sports 261 Fearless virtual run.

Ms. Switzer, founder of the movement.

2.61 miles on the nose.

I hadn't taken a day off through the year until April, and now it seems like almost every other day is an off day.

I realize the house is probably the priority right now ... and I'm making it as such just to get through April. May, things ramp up again, house be damned.

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