Monday, August 11, 2014

Things I Love: Skirt Sports

It's been a while since I've done one of these ... and this one is way past due.

As a reminder, I'm not sponsored by Skirt Sports ... though Nicole, if you read this and decide you want to "sponsor" an AGer, I'm all for it. Or find me a job with you guys. Either way.

I discovered Skirt Sports a while back. Probably in ... 2007? They were one of the big sponsors for Tri for the Cure which, of course, was my first ever triathlon. They made the race shirts that year ... and I think I have mine ... somewhere ... 

In any case, I learned about them then, but didn't actually try a running skirt until 2008, when Brandon and I did the SkirtChaser 5K* in Cherry Creek North. I got a skirt with entry and I liked it except for a few chafing issues (learned to wear other shorts underneath due to chub rub).

I didn't truly "Convert to Skirt" until a few years later - I think 2010 was my first full season of ONLY wearing Skirt Sports when running - but now that I have ... I can't go back. No matter what, given my thighs, I'm going to have to wear spandex shorts. However, I don't like showing this booty off in JUST spandex. Shorts tend to bunch up ... so skirts? Are perfect.

And I know there are other brands, but I like Skirt Sports. I like the brand. I like how they're the original running skirt. I like how they're a local Colorado company. I've been following them for long enough that I can see a print somewhere and, about 75% of the time, name what it is (Brandon laughs at me for this, by the way).

I could go with Lululemon ... but honestly, no. They're a little too much for me and, if you believe the interwebs, they're a sketchy-ass company.

I've had a Nike running skirt ... but I didn't get the same freedom with it - too tight.

I could go with Running Skirts - and trust me, I've been tempted ... argyle? Yes please! - but at this point, I feel loyal to Skirt Sports.

I did wonder about the direction of the company with last summer's line - some more asymmetrical stuff with a lot more ruffles, stuff that seemed more in line with say, a Lululemon - but if that's what they've got to do to compete, who am I to judge? Plus some of the new fall colors are awesome, so y'know, I'm hooked again.

In 2012 at the Tri for the Cure expo, I introduced myself to founder/owner Nicole DeBoom and we've become friendly since ... which is why I felt totally comfortable bringing up my ENTIRE Skirt collection to the Skirt Sports Half-Marathon and 5K which I raced back in June.

The work of a few years.

Sprawled on top ... bedecked pretty much entirely in Skirt myself.

With Nicole. Swiped off of the Skirt Sports Instagram page. I've added a few pieces since.


So the story behind this last photo is kind of funny ... I went up to Skirt Sports HQ in Boulder in early July to get myself a black headband to wear to work as well as the Boulder Skirt as an early birthday present to myself. Nicole heard I was there and came out and said hi. I commented on the prints on the wall, mentioning my favorite (Ocean Play - get so many comments on my arm warmers in that print!) ... so she insisted on a selfie of the two of us next to it.

To sum up, if you're a girl (or a guy! There are a few male Skirt Sports devotees!) and are looking for some cute running apparel, check out Skirt Sports. And if you hate running skirts, they've got shorts now, too.

Oh, one last note on durability - I'm still wearing some of those skirts from way back in 2008. I wore one on Saturday at Georgetown to Idaho Springs. Take care of them, and they last. I've also kept every single piece I've had except two - a mojito green Cruiser Girl bike Skirt (my waist/hip ratio meant I showed buttcrack every time I wore it) and a black pearl snap Skirt from that same SkirtChaser series that got too stretched out for me to wear anymore. I've also liked pretty much everything - there's one shirt that was a little "meh" regarding the fit and the capris just don't work for me ... why, I don't know. Also, unfortunately, the two sports bras I've tried - the Trifecta and the Kelly - chafe me horribly in triathlons. There's this one spot on my side that gets rubbed horribly raw. The Kelly also gave me side-boob chafe at IMAZ.

* Oooooooooold blog. Picture links broken. Not fixing.

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