Monday, July 21, 2014

Results Don't Lie

First off, the husband actually posted on this thing, so if you haven't read his post yet, check it out - it's right below this one.

In any case, there's a saying that floats about the interwebs:

Don't be upset with the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do.

Don't be upset with the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do.

I have to tell myself this a lot today. Go look on over to that racing season sidebar, and look at the result of TriRock Colorado. Then go look at the T's Races tab and see where that sits in terms of my olympic distance races. Then maybe go find my goals post for this year.

Then you can partly see why I hate myself right now.

I'll post more about the actual race later this week, but it was horrible. My three thoughts during the run were:
- I want shade
- I want ice cold water
- I want to curl up and cry

In fact, I did cry on that "run" several times. It was the least fun I've had at a tri in six years.

But ... it's my own damn fault.

I knew I had it coming up. I knew my training was shit. I hoped it wouldn't be that bad ... but it was. Aurora keeps you honest. Those hills, that heat ... it beats you down. Hopefully I can take this experience and use it to build myself back up again, but I'll tell you ... it's hard as hell right now. It's taking every ounce of energy to keep eating well and not eat my feelings of miserable hell right now. I'm telling myself I can't make a decision on Harvest Moon long course for at least another week or so. (Convinced myself at one point during TriRock to not even toe the line in September.)

I didn't do the work. I shouldn't be upset with the results, but I am. Or maybe it's more that I'm pissed at myself for not doing the work. Hopefully that dissatisfaction will eventually turn into anger to fuel me to train, but for right now, it's making me want to quit the sport I'm that miserable.

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  1. Hey T, I've been thinking about your post and feel the need to offer my opinion - which is nothing more than an opinion. First, I don't think you should beat yourself up. This is a choice we make to add to our lives. When it starts to subtract from it you need to address whether you still love it or if it evolved into something else - maybe even something you don't like. That sounds far more dramatic than needs to be.

    I received some good swim advice years ago when I was burning out and not seeing improvement. The advice was just go to the pool and go for a swim. Don't count laps. Don't watch the clock. Just swim. I did it and it helped. I've since applied the same to my running and cycling when I find myself getting hung up on data or results.

    Try it. Pick one or all three and just do them. Don't worry about doing x number of workouts for each during the week. Follow your mood when deciding which to do and deciding how you do it (a raging speed workout vs a languid, easy effort). Find what you loved about training again and the racing/results will follow. Then again, I care more about the journey than the destination. Cheers - Webb