Thursday, July 31, 2014

7/21-7/27: Working on Weaknesses

The featured workouts of last week took place on Wednesday. 

That morning, I dragged my ass out to Aurora to ride the hills.

On top of a hill. I essentially rode up to the top of the hill in the distance.

Since I know I have to race out there again, I figured I may as well get out there. I'd like to try and get out there about once a week until the race. The hills are rough, but they will make me stronger ... as much as I may hate them.

My thoughts on this ride.

Then, later that evening, I went to a high intensity interval class at O2EA - it was suggested by our friend Richard (he owns the place). The class - my non S/B/R activity for the month - was a lot of fun. It was an hour of agility, plyometrics and core work ... and reminded me a lot of hockey dryland training for back in the day. It also kicked my ass. I will definitely go back ... once racing season is mostly over and done with.

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