Monday, June 9, 2014

Seven Races in Seven Weeks ...

... makes one really tired. And thankful for the simplicity that training gives. I have enjoyed this stretch of racing (which is really eight races in nine weeks if we get picky), but dear sweet jeebus am I glad it's OVER.

That being said, a few reflections on the whole adventure:

- It was hard, but I'm glad I did it. This was an early season block; my main racing is still yet to come. I learned a lot of valuable lessons ... like how motivation to train during the week is hard to come by.

- I need to learn how to be smarter about recovery and getting back into training. I think this means I need a different job/no job ... ha. Or something like NormaTec boots ... (I have a birthday coming up ... hint hint)

- Nicole DeBoom was spot on in that in racing multiple weeks, week three is usually bomb-ass (not her words) (also true - that was my first podium with Barkin' Dog), but week four is where things start to go downhill (damn you Colfax 5K).

- I was a little surprised at how done I was by the whole thing. I had my worst run in a sprint tri in several years this past Saturday at Crescent Moon (recap hopefully on Wednesday!) and I think part of that was because I just had nothing left in terms of race brain. I had no other mental place to go to anymore.

- It made me really want to train again since I kind of let that go by the wayside in the process. Being excited to put in a ton of miles over the next six weeks to three months is actually kind of awesome.

- I surprised myself by snagging myself two podiums. Granted, I got a bit lucky with both, but still! Me! Slowpoke McGee! I STILL have more thoughts to come on this ...

- Mad props to the professionals who race this much for their careers. Petr Vabrousek comes to mind as a guy who races A LOT. Even bigger props go to the age groupers who manage to do this and do this well. 

- I now actually have to think of blog posts again - it's been nice essentially only writing race recaps. Oh well, I guess better content ahoy?

I've got another chunk of racing starting in six weeks, but luckily that's going to be five races in ... eight or nine weeks. Nothing quite so crazy ... but it is a lot of bigger distances. Here's to the upcoming mileage ...

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