Tuesday, June 24, 2014

6/9-6/22: Hiking, Track Work and Friends, Oh My!

I know, I know, there's been quite a bit of radio silence on my end for the past two weeks. A lot of it has been due to general life stuff - a bit of relationship rx, work hell, etc.

I have had every intention of sitting down to blog ... but I'm too tired to focus on it. Or other stuff is going on. Really no good excuses. Anyway, here I am with what I've been up to the past few weeks ...

Wednesday, June 11: Hiking at Mt. Falcon

In order to do some non-triathlon-related crap, we headed up to Mt. Falcon, just outside the city, for a hike. We could have gone much further than we did, but we still had a ton of fun. The outside bonding was exactly what the two of us needed.

The two of us on a rock outcropping.

Brandon climbing around on the rocks.

Me hiking up the trail.

Wednesday, June 18: Track work; riding with Richard

The other notable workouts from the past few weeks happened a week after the hike (I typically have Wednesdays off which is why fun stuff happens Wednesdays).

Early that morning, we tried track work for the first time*. We got a workout from our friend Nic and tried ... most of it. The workout was 400s; some at 1/2 marathon pace, some at 10K pace. We figured out what we needed to it by plugging in some numbers into a pace calculator and went to the track.

Hitting specific numbers? Is hard. We ended up doing four 400s; Brandon did a much better job than I did. Two of his were right on 1/2 mar pace and the other two were very close to 10K pace. They weren't in proper order, but eh. 

Me, on the other hand? 

I couldn't hit the paces because I was going too fast. I couldn't slow down enough to get to where I needed to be ... which Nic thought might happen, anyway. Oh well, lessons to learn ...

Brandon rocking it out.

Me, coming into the finish of one of my 400s.

After the track, we got coffee and then headed out to meet our friend Richard for a ride. We know Rich through Run Colorado and he did IMAZ with us - I was able to talk with him on the run for a bit. In any case, he was doing an easy 40 miles on the bike and we joined him for about 20 of it.

It has been a long time since we've ridden with someone OTHER than our friend Mike and let me tell you, it was nice. No drop ride, easy conversation and we got to explore a bit into Chatfield that Brandon and I had never done before. Definitely something we'd like to do again.

Brandon and Richard in his Ironman All World Athlete kit. We know good people.

* We've done track work before, but it was never structured/actual workouts. More like ... let's run fast! 100m sounds good! Yeah ...

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