Thursday, June 5, 2014

Race Recap: BolderBoulder 10K

5th year in a row of running the BolderBoulder.  This is a great streak, and if the day went as planned, it'd be a PR in the 10K, a race PR, and overall, a good day.

Nope.  Fell a tiny bit short of that.

We woke up very early, got ready to go, and headed out.  Norm stayed with us and left about 10 minutes prior.  We got up to Boulder in plenty of time and hit Starbucks early.  Grabbing a table as our base, we all hit the bathroom (a couple times) and just relaxed.  Norm found us, we chatted with him, then made our way to the FedEx mobile locker line.  It looked long, but moved fast.

With our possessions in the truck, we sent Mike off and found our wave, the EG wave.  This is the final wave of sub-60:00 runners.  I have talked about this a bit before, but it's worth mentioning again.  It's funny how different people are in these more advanced waves.  The mood is a tad more serious; people are more focused.  The chatter is light and the breathing heavier when the race goes off.  I like it.

Anyway, the Call to Post was played, and then the horn went off.  The race had begun!

The Race
The past couple races we've let T pace it.  This hasn't been a problem for the most part, except that we've gone out too hard and sort of stumbled our way in.  So we agreed I would pace this race, at least early on.

The first mile was good.  Wasn't too hard, wasn't too easy.  9:07

The second mile starts your climbing, and isn't too bad if you keep it under control.  We did, and hit 9:27.  A tad slower, but not bad.

Mile 3 is mile 3.  It sucks, for everyone.  Still, we did sub-10.  9:53

Mile 4 was surprisingly tough.  I was faltering a bit and T held back.  I hoped at this point I could pick it up on the downhills, bomb into Folsom, and make it.  9:54

Mile 5 was pretty good.  We were stronger, and as far as I was concerned, back on track.  9:30

Mile 6 T's colon decided to not cooperate (bad timing) and since we agreed to stay together, we slowed it down.  I do believe this is where we lost our PR chance, but that's okay.  9:53

The final .2 was an 8:12, which involved a lot of zig-zagging and one hill, but we both pushed hard.  Still, fell a tiny bit short.  59:29 overall.  20 seconds short.

It took a bit of walking/talking to people to get over the non-PR of the day.  I was eventually able to shrug it off and we cooled down.  

I know there is a lot more in this body.  I know there is.  I know I can beat that PR.  And next year, I will get it.

After the race, we headed home where I quickly packed/showered and headed to Minnesota for my dad, who was having a heart issue.  More on that in another post...

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