Wednesday, April 23, 2014

4/14-4/20: Easter Ride

Again, no post from me on Monday. Sorry, guys. I almost posted about Boston. I almost posted about Boston last week, too. The anniversary still hits me. It's still too raw - I'm still too close. Hopefully next year I'll be able to say something ...

In any case, last week's featured workout was our Easter ride. It hasn't always worked out, but we like going for a bike ride on Easter. I don't remember if we did it last year, but I know I did in 2012 ... not that it turned out too well. This year, we woke up and swam, had a ginormous brunch at a local seafood place and then in the afternoon, got on the bikes on a gorgeous day.

Brandon at the top of one of the hills in Cherry Creek State Park.

Because I can't be mature. Ever.

Very typical Brandon face.

Bikes. Total QRoo advert, eh?

Got in a nice 14 miles and Brandon got to test out his new cyclometer. Not too much else to report from last week otherwise ...

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