Wednesday, April 9, 2014

3/31-4/6: Mini Day Hike

Once again, we waited until the last day of the month to get in our non-S/B/R-related workout. We had tossed around the idea of throwing a softball ... but the wind made us put the kibosh on that.

So, we thought of what's super easy to do that doesn't require a lot of time (Brandon was on a time-constraint) or effort? We're in Colorado - duh, go hiking!

So, we drove to Matthews-Winters Park, a small little park near Red Rocks and one that I spent a lot of time at as a kid as a picnic stop after various field trips up that way. It's got a (very non-technical) trail that a lot of trail-runners use. We decided to just hike it and it was pretty awesome.

The two of us. You see the wind making my hair all crazy?


The park is mainly open to the public, but there's a section fenced off that contains an old graveyard. The sun was such (and the gravestones are at the perfect angles) that we couldn't tell the dates on anything, but I'm guessing late-1800s to maybe early-1900s. Totally cool, though.

Brandon climbing up a hill.

"Man, this elevation stuff sucks."

My lungs don't like rapid changes in elevation.

Action shot of Brandon jumping over a stream.

Sitting on a tree branch.

Just a quick, fun adventure that was definitely a workout as both our butts were sore the next day. Silly quick elevation changes ...

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