Friday, October 4, 2013

Week Thirty-Nine: 9/23-9/29

Also week 13 of Ironman training. Well over halfway through this journey ...

Monday, September 23: Off: necessary
- I am beat up. Hot damn.

Tuesday, September 24: Off: vague burnout
- I hesitate to use the word "burnout" because I don't think that's what it is, but I am dead today.

Wednesday, September 25: Bike: 70.11 mi in 4:46:52; avg cad 74; 14.7 mph
- 30.1 mph max
- CC trail to Jordan to 470 to CC trail back to 470 to Platte to CC trail to home
- WINDY. so, so windy
Run: .74 mi in 9:46 - 13:11/mi
- off the bike
- so slow
- felt ... okay
- That bike was horribly windy. Often demoralizing, I broke down around mile 60. Mentally pulled through - felt better than Brandon on the run, actually.

Thursday, September 26: Run: 5.01 mi in 55:04 - 10:54/mi
- sort of the Orchard loop
- legs were so toast
- Very happy this was around an 11:00/mi and not worse. Tried to keep this "easy;" legs were giving out before my lungs which is super weird. Started feeling better around mile 4.

Friday, September 27: Off: exhaustion
- Ran an errand after work; started falling asleep in the car on the way home. Got home, crawled into bed with the intention of sleeping an hour ... slept five. I think I needed rest ...

Saturday, September 28: Run: 14 mi in 2:27:28 - 10:31/mi
- Run CO Saturday run
- first 6.5 felt great ... fell apart after that
- only water - no electrolytes/sugar
- Again, the only water strategy worked. Felt a little icky at 12, but that's it. Knee felt a little wonky at 12 as well; still iffy later. Happy with my pace ...

Sunday, September 29: Bike: 20.40 mi in 1:15:02; avg cad 94; 16.3 mph
- 31.5 mph max
- spinning in front of the TV - high cadence work with pick-ups
Swim: 4000m in 1:39:23 - 2:29/100m
- 40x100m
- bean dip? bad idea before a swim - felt pukey 1100 in and it never went away
- Let my legs compress in the morning - bike helped them come back to life. Now ... I think they might be normal again.

We broke two rules this week - we rode the Platte and we rode on a special occasion (Wednesday was our anniversary - two years!) ... and while we didn't crash, we faced horrible winds that whole ride. I almost got blown into another lane early on in the ride and had to use a bigger gearing than I normally would have just to keep control of the bike. 20 mph winds gusting to 30 mph the whole ride. Sucky. Still, we did it, and that's a success.

And while I'm not particularly happy with only four days of training (and one swim session), I'm fairly satisfied with how the sessions went. The 14-miler in particular is one to mention - longest I've ever run and the water-only strategy is working fantastically. I also could tell that the sleep I got caught up on Friday was probably in the making from earlier in the month. I'm a little frustrated with constantly being sleep-deprived ...

Weekly training time: 11:13:35
Weekly training mileage: 112.75 mi
Yearly training time: 200:18:10
Yearly training mileage: 1690.47


  1. How are you finding just drinking water when you run? The last half marathon I did, the only fluid on course was water and it was more than fine and I did a PB.

    1. hey tarsh! i'm liking it, actually. in warmer weather I think electrolytes in the later miles would probably be a wise idea just due to salt loss (plus i'm a hot runner anyway ...), but as long as the temps are cooler, water works great. will test the strategy again at our next half-mar on 10.20 ... as long as it's not super hot, which it could be. silly Colorado.

  2. The only thing I have ever had on a run in water, and that's only on the long ones. I do hydrate before the run, however.