Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week Thirty-Five: 8/26-9/1

Also week #9 of IM training. In which things get better. Mostly.

Monday, August 26: Bike: 11.59 mi in 41:02; avg cad 89; 16.95 mph
- 29.8 mph max
- MX12 over-unders
- a little painful on the arm
- Couldn't shift with my left hand - had to bring my right over. Also got off and grabbed ice pack for final set - pain a bit much. Other than that, felt good to sweat again.

Tuesday, August 27: Run: 3.37 mi in 31:21 - 9:18/mi
- Run CO pub run
- not expecting this
- arm didn't hurt! yay!
- I think the reason I ran so well is I am so used to this course. I could probably do this with my eyes closed and get the same pace. Granted, I had nothing left when I got back, but still.

Wednesday, August 28: Bike: 23.61 mi in 1:23:36; avg cad 86; 16.9 mph
- 26.2 mph max
- Spinervals 22.0 - TimeTrialPalooza
- iced arm through first set; took advil
- Arm was a little achy starting this one off. Delayed this one a lot later than I would have liked, but still got it in and got it done.

Thursday, August 29: Run: 5.1 mi in 56:15 - 11:01/mi
- trails
- so, so hot ... lungs toast; did not have it
Swim: 100m in 2:39.16 - 2:39/100m
- 2x50m
- arm was not making this easy
- horrible, horrible struggle
- Forced it to make the run 5 miles. Totally wanted to bail it in earlier. Glad I didn't, though, ultimately. I tried getting in the water - didn't work too well. Form went all wonky trying to compensate for the injured arm. Got out before I risked further damage. Will try again Saturday ...

Friday, August 30: Bike: 9.12 mi in 32:51; avg cad 82; 16.7 mph
- 26.9 mph max; 134 max cad
- Spinervals 23.0 Time Saver I: Workout A: technique
- high cadence, where have you gone?
- Delayed this one, but got it in. Few more miles; plus I knew my pedal stroke needed the technique help. Yup.

Saturday, August 31: Bike: 47.26 mi in 3:05:30; avg cad 77; 15.3 mph
- 27.5 mph max
- CC trail and Highline Canal
Run: .84 mi in 10:45 - 12:47/mi
- off the bike
- ugh
- Bike was slower than it should have been - met an IM and chatted for about 12 mi, which kept the pace down. Run was brutal.

Sunday, September 1: Swim: 300m in 7:08.83 - 2:23/100m
- 6x50m
- pushed that more than I should have
Run: 2 mi in 20:21 - 10:10/mi
- treadmill. blah.
Stretching: 10:00
- mostly legs and sides; silly arm
- Still trying to swim. Finding improvement. Treadmills without a set workout are impossible. Stretching felt awesome.

For my first true week back ... well, with the exception of swimming, this wasn't bad. Could have easily been a 10 hour week or more had it not been for my lack of a fully functional arm. Still, though, I got in the water to test myself and I'm really happy at my almost 100 miles on the bike.

Weekly training time: 8:31:28
Weekly training mileage: 103.14 mi
Yearly training time: 166:23:41
Yearly training mileage: 1370.48 mi

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