Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week Thirty-Eight: 9/16-9/22

Also week 12 of IM training. Getting closer ...

Monday, September 16: Swim: 2900m in 1:11:44 - 2:28/100m
- MX12 - ACS
- may have cut the cool down short - a little confusing
Bike: 1.86 mi in 8:09; avg cad 79; 13.69 mph
- 29.7 mph max
- aborted MX12 over-unders
- left shifter won't work!
- First really good swim in a month. Bike was disappointing - got through the warm-up and one interval before the bike spazzed. Guess I'm getting that checked out tomorrow ...

Tuesday, September 17: Run: 4.44 mi in 40:35 - 9:08/mi
- MX12 - treadmill - beginner
- probably could have managed intermediate, but it wouldn't have been pretty
- Simple speed work. May mix it up next week. Also! Bike not dead ... apparently it'll seize up on the trainer ...? No clue. But it works now and that's all that matters.

Wednesday, September 18: Swim: 3400m in 1:24:45 - 2:30/100m
- 12x50m, 3x(24x25, 2e, 1h, +200), 4x100m
- long, but good
Bike: 21.38 mi in 1:33:02; avg cad 91; 13.79 mph
- 18.8 mph max
- MX12 - mediums
- long stretches aren't as boring when structured
- This day held a lot, but it wasn't super intense. It almost felt like I didn't do enough - almost forgot about my early am swim! This is what training has done to me ...

Thursday, September 19: Run: 6.75 mi in 1:04:28 - 9:33/mi
- around Boulder
- 1/2 with Skirt Sports founder Nicole DeBoom
- strides at end
- Ran a little more than I had planned, but I have no issue with that. Fun being able to keep up with an Ironman champion on the run!

Friday, September 20: Swim: 4000m in 1:43:28 - 2:35/100m
- 40x100m
- goal was dead arms. achieved that one ...
- 1:22 at 3200; 1:38 at 3800. That gets me out of the water.
- It hit me on this swim that I've swam more this week than I have in some months ... and I still have one more swim to go! I better rock the damn IMAZ swim with all this stupid pool work ...

Saturday, September 21: Run: 12.1 mi in 2:13:42 - 11:02/mi
- Run CO Saturday run from the store
- 1st half felt great; fell apart around mile 9
- major foot pain :( stupid toes
- no nutrition and sugar at 9.5 only - felt fine
- Really nice to know that I don't need food on a long run. Salt (electrolytes) may have been helpful, but other than that, I was fine. Now if I can figure out my stupid feet ...

Sunday, September 22: Bike: 31.06 mi in 2:00:10; avg cad 77; 15.5 mph
- 26.9 mph max
- cut this short - legs had nothing left
- busy, busy trail
- Totally learned today why long runs are scheduled the day after a long ride and not the other way around. Dead, dead legs.

Well, wanted a big week to keep on track and, well, success!

Weekly training time: 12:00:03
Weekly training mileage: 83.99 mi
Yearly training time: 189:04:35
Yearly training mileage: 1577.72 mi

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  1. I am doing 14 hour weeks for a half IM- you'd better ramp it up soon or you aren't going to make the cutoff times!