Monday, July 8, 2013

Week Twenty-Seven: 7/1-7/7

In which we enter official week #1 of Ironman training.

Monday, July 1: Stretching: 10:00
- butt, calves, kinda shoulders
- First official day of training ... and it is a personal choice of a stretch day. Love it. I'll enjoy it for now ...

Tuesday, July 2: Swim: 1400m in 30:18.06 - 2:09/100m
- 4x100m, 16x25m, 200m, 4x100m
- 3 easy, 1 hard in the 16
- 200 hard kicked my ass
- this was different and I liked that
Run: 3.07 mi in 28:43 - 9:19/mi
- Run CO pub run
- with Mike
- almost back to the 2011 pub run route
- This was a hell of a first day of training. The swim workout was a wonderful change ... and will be rough once we do it officially. New pub run route also a nice change.

Wednesday, July 3: Bike: 25.84 mi in 1:32:45; avg cad 78; 16.72 mph
- max 41.7 mph
- Boulder Peak course pre-ride
- fell over on Stage - bicycle cartwheel
- This was horribly, awful rough, legs hurt, yes, but oh dear god my lungs. Peak might be tricky ... maybe this pre-ride wasn't a good idea ...

Thursday, July 4: Run: Lone Tree Liberty Dash: 5K in 30:22 - 9:46/mi
- had to poop for most of this
- shitty
- Kinda hoping to stretch today, too, but didn't happen. Got some decent pre- and post-race walking in, though. As for the race ... 2nd fastest time on the course. Not particularly happy with it, but legs still trashed.

Friday, July 5: Swim: 1500m in 32:17.97 - 2:07/100m
- 30x50m
- idea was to keep it steady; first 50 was 1:04 so a 2:08(7?) average is keeping it pretty damn steady
Bike: 14.99 mi in 55:21; avg cad 77; 16.25 mph
- 31.3 mph max
- My Way pre-ride with Mike
- can't climb anymore ...
- First day of training in a long while that I've hated. Swim was monotonous and I struggled mightily on the bike. Stupid crappy birthday workout ...

Saturday, July 6: Run: 4 mi in 41:58.42 - 10:29/mi
- Run CO Saturday run
- this week's training is in my legs
- painful and painfully slow
- Wanted to do six, but needed to go cheer Mike on in his du. This was a painful 4 miles. This has been a hell of a week of training so far ...

Sunday, July 7: Bike: 8.46 mi in 30:04; avg cad 84; 16.88 mph
- 27.2 mph max
- easy spin on the trainer
- I followed the "I'm tired, what should I do?" test ... and managed this. I worked out and I'm calling it good.

Probably should have been closer to 6.5, 6.75 hours this first week, but meh. We're combining two different plans - one from Triathlete magazine and another that we got from a friend. The Triathlete one is manageable, but won't get us ready for our 70.3 in a month. The plan from a friend ... well, let's just say it's for an experienced Ironman athlete, which we are not. However, it should help us prep better for said 70.3, so we're going with chunks of it. The only issue is that it has very few rest days, which we need due to scheduling and, if the way I'm feeling right now is any indication, we'll need for straight recovery.

Week one in the books, and I am tired and I am sore.

Weekly training time: 5:51:49
Weekly training mileage: 61.27 mi
Yearly training time: 113:14:30
Yearly training mileage: 849.25 mi

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