Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week Twenty-Eight: 7/8-7/14

A.K.A. week #2 of IM training. Also, super late with this.

Monday, July 8: Bike: 19.40 mi in 1:00:02; avg cad 89; 19.39 mph
- 38.1 mph max
- MX12 over-unders w/ extended wu and cd
- I think I need to clean my chain ...
- Starting to get some life back in these legs - MUCH better ride than either Friday or yesterday. Wahoo!

Tuesday, July 9: Run: 6.45 mi in 1:03:16 - 9:48/mi
- three loop DTC course and then Run CO pub run
- a lot faster than I was expecting
- hot to start; windy and spitting rain to end
- first run with Garmin!
- This was essentially two runs back-to-back, but it was easier to keep it as one. We've gotten to the point where just the pub run isn't enough, sadly.

Wednesday, July 10: Off: Life
- Planned a ride and wanted to wait until Brandon got home but it got way too late. So, we decided to shift our off day from Friday to today.

Thursday, July 11: Swim: 2000m in 44:03.23 - 2:12/100m
- 4x100m, 2x(16x25m, 200m hard)(3 hard, 1 easy), 4x100m
- I can't sprint worth a goddamn
- also can't take a week off swimming
- my arms hurt
Run: 3.48 mi in 37:58 - 10:54/mi
- random route - YAY GARMIN
- first mile went well ... then the legs died. and my butt got iffy
- EASY run for a change
- Swim kicked my ass. Run was not good, but eh. Started raining on us and got poured on us as we finished.

Friday, July 12: Off: decision/planned
- This was our original off day, but we decided to shift it and Wednesday's bike around. Unfortunately, leg and body fatigue said that was a bad idea. Definitely taught us the lesson that if you miss workouts in IM training, you have to let them go.

Saturday, July 13: Swim: 400 yds in 9:33.53 - 2:23/100m
- two loops at Boulder Res - one better than the other
Bike: 4.25 mi in 20:16; avg cad 69; 12.58 mph
- 24.7 mph max
- around DTC
Run: .63 mi in 6:41.1 - 10:36/mi
- around the neighborhood
- Just getting the legs moving for Peak tomorrow

Sunday, July 14: Triathlon: Boulder Peak in 3:26:37
- 1.5K swim in 41:04 - 2:43/100m
- 23.3 mi bike in 1:34:02 - 14.87 mph; avg cad 78; 35.7 mph max
- 10K run in 1:06:34 - 10:43/mi
- T1 in 2:36, T2 in 2:21
- Chafed badly - poor neck. Stronger in the second half of the run again. Well, it's a PR, but it wasn't the way I wanted it. Totally not indicative of what I believe I can do right now.

Another week of learning lessons, and a race that I'm convinced if I'm ever going to do well in, I'm gonna have to specifically train for the damn thing.

Weekly training time: 7:23:30
Weekly training mileage: 66.10 mi
Yearly training time: 120:38:00
Yearly training mileage: 915.35 mi

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