Monday, July 22, 2013

Week Twenty-Nine: 7/15-7/21

And, following along, week #3 of IM training.

Monday, July 15: Off: planned
- Post-Peak fatigue as well as horrible chafing kind of forced my hand ... or would have, had we not scheduled this as off.

Tuesday, July 16: Run: 3.32 mi in 32:38 - 9:48/mi
- Run CO pub run
- Garmin distances are slightly different
- Considered doing a few miles beforehand, but legs/lungs said aw hell no. Legs definitely sore from Peak.

Wednesday, July 17: Swim: 2000m in 45:53.97 - 2:16/100m
- 4x100m, 3x400m (1,3 w/pb), 4x100m (last 100m back/breast)
- set designed on the fly
- can't just swim anymore - need a plan!
Cycle: 1.73 mi in 9:43; avg cad 58; 10.68 mph
- 24.1 mph max
- aborted ride - flats
- Two, three weeks in and we already can't do a swim without having a plan first. WTF? Ride was a fail for many reasons.

Thursday, July 18: Walking: ~20:00
- post-dinner stroll
- Mental and physical break. Not happy with needing to take this essential day off, but definitely at peace with it. Have to make sure this is sustainable, right?

Friday, July 19: Bike: 26.37 mi in 1:42:07; avg cad 73; 15.49 mph
- 29.4 mph max
- CCSP to Cherry Creek trail and CC mall and back
- made sure to not push this too hard
Swim: 2400m in 54:31.87 - 2:16/100m
- MX12 Elevators - beginner
- set flew by, relatively speaking
- most of the hard 50s were between 55-57 seconds
- Hell of a day. Ride may have been slow, but it was purposeful and didn't want to feel toast at the end. Swim was late, but got it in and I'm glad - loved the set. Gonna be sore tomorrow ...

Saturday, July 20: Run: 8 mi in 1:24:45 - 10:35/mi
- Run CO Saturday run
- took it out too fast ... as usual
- got hot; tried to take it easy; faded at end
- Feet hurt slightly after this one ... Run wasn't bad. Probably would have done slightly better on a different course - hate Willow Creek trail.

Sunday, July 21: Bike: 33.15 mi in 2:03:34; avg cad 77; 16.1 mph
- 30.3 mph max
- CCSP to CC trail to Monaco and home
- not dead after which is good
Stretching: 10:00
- shoulders, shoulders, shoulders
- Long ride today went better than Fridays, which is a good sign. SFW mid-ride - good idea. Stretching was long overdue.

As Brandon said, shit got real this week. Time and mileage keeps creeping up. Granted, we are cramming for Boulder 70.3, but hey.

Weekly training time: 8:04:13
Weekly training mileage: 75.30 mi
Yearly training time: 128:42:13
Yearly training mileage: 990.65 mi

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