Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May Round-Up

Ugh, I'm tired and exhausted and I don't really want to blog right now, but I'd rather put the BolderBOULDER recap off than this.

So. May. May's theme, as you know, was altitude attitude, stolen shamelessly from the BB people for a couple of reasons (which if you want to know, you can go click back here for). May was, with the exception of the last week, a great month. I did a lot of two-a-day workouts and focused on the lifting a bit more. I'm not entirely sure it made a difference, but eh.

This past week went to hell for a few reasons, though, which I'll put here.

One. I'd been working a lot. By the time I left work last Friday, I had worked 15 of 16 days. My manager had been out of town, we're breaking in a few new assistant managers, we had a lot of other management subbing in ... let's just say it was a lot of work and a lot of stress that finally just stockpiled in on itself.

Two. I think my body naturally takes a taper week before a big race whether I want it to or not. I don't know if it's a mental thing or not, but if I look through past workout logs, those weeks exist more often than not. It sucks because I end up taking more days off than I wanted, but oh well, I guess ...

Three. I was in a wedding on Sunday, so that took care of both Saturday and Sunday in terms of really seriously training.

Four. One of my coworkers spilled hot coffee on my arm (accidentally, mind you, but still) ... which is one of the hazards of working at a coffee shop ... but it's not fun when you end up with second-degree burns out of it.

Burnt Arm
eeewwww. This was taken about ... five hours after the fact. Lovely, eh?

The above, of course, means that I'm banned from the pool due to the chlorine for this week and probably the next ... however long it takes to get new skin back on there. Great, I know.

Anyway, June is a new month and even though it hasn't started well due to work exhaustion, I know that I'll be able to kick May's ass at some point ... which will be impressive given May's numbers:

Running: 48.1 miles (average went up about three seconds/mile)
Swimming: 2.86 miles (average went up about 43 seconds/mile. NOT good)
Cycling: 84.36 miles (average went up a whole mph; also had one stationary bike workout)
Lifting: five sessions (and i wonder why it might not have helped ... duh)
Other: two sessions of Wii Fit, three softball games

A few things of note in the numbers: Highest running month by 11 miles. REALLY kicked up the cycling which is totally awesome. Haven't done as many 470 (that is, hilly) rides as I would like, but I'll get there. Swimming ... was the exact same as April, yet slower. Not a good sign. And this stupid arm burn isn't helping things.

A few notable things regarding this year to last year, as well: I have surpassed last year's running totals ... I'm about 10 miles (or one good ride) away from surpassing last year's cycling totals and I'm 6 miles away from surpassing last year's swim totals. The stupid thing is, I don't feel much stronger. Hopefully things will pull together come race day ...

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  1. Good lord! I got burned working as a barista, but you win! I hope that heals up soon!