Thursday, June 3, 2010

May Recap

Wow, May was full of more then one way.

May 1st marked my first day of work at my new company. I flew to Indianapolis on the night of April 30th to start the new chapter of my life. That new chapter of my life meant that my workouts would have to be modified to account for me living in hotels for the next month and a half and having to deal with no bike and no pool.

Still, I think thus far, I have managed it quite well.

So...what milestones did we see in May?

- longest run of my career (7.12 miles)
- longest bike ride of career (32.4 miles)
- furthest swim of triathlon career (1600 meters)
- first "official" 10K race (I did the Nike Human Endurance 10K back in 2008...but it was solo)

Overall, it was a good month for me. 12 runs, 4 recumbent bikes, 4 times on my own bike, 3 yoga sessions, 4 times lifting, and 3 pool sessions. Obviously there's some things there that I wish would have happened, but for having my life turned upside down so suddenly, I'll take it. Plus, only 5 days were taken off all month. That really isn't too shabby.

So...what are we looking at for June then? Well, obviously, I can't wait to be back in Denver on the 15th for good. I plan on more riding this month. As much as I love running and the fact that I have gotten better at it, I need to be on my bike more. Also, I need to start open water swims and just getting more swimming in. MORE LIFTING! It's funny how good I feel lifting and yet it's also funny how little I do it. Granted, it's hard on the road, but I need to still figure out a way.

In any event, May was a great month, capped off by the BolderBoulder. I will have a recap of that up real soon, I promise. Here's to a great month of June, where we will keep our foot on the throat.


  1. that was technically not the longest ride of your career ... we had a 33.1 mile ride ... either last year or two years ago. it was in two chunks, but STILL.

  2. I don't consider my career started until last season. :-p