Thursday, June 10, 2010

First OWS ... Ugh.

First off: BolderBOULDER recap. I KNOW, I know. It's coming.

However, I wanted to quickly talk about yesterday. Brandon was able to come home for a tiny bit in the midst of training. While we didn't manage a bike ride, we did squish in our first open-water swim of the season at Aurora Reservoir.

We also got to try out our new blueseventy wetsuits. In cold water (50s) on a windy day. And me with a bandanna around my arm so my already burnt self wouldn't get worse thanks to the sun.

Wetsuits were helpful in that they did help with the water temperature. Brandon noticed a bit of a buoyancy increase; I only noticed when I was just sitting in the water ... I didn't sink completely like a rock like I usually do.

While Brandon managed an okay swim ... I couldn't. I was super fatigued (due to a myriad of factors; some personal, some not) and the wetsuit was weird and I didn't like it pulling at my neck and the wind was rough and I really just don't know. It was a humbling swim and, despite me only managing a super short distance, the slowest swim I've done all year.

The only upside is I know we'll be back to do a lot more OWSs ... if only because I spent $65 on a pass for the Res and we need to go at least six more times to pay for the damn thing.

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