Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Does Growth Hurt?

So. Ran 6 miles again (well, 6.16 to be accurate) this morning. Did the same loop that Brandon and I did a few weeks ago.

First walk was just a bit after the first walk last time I did this route, on this mean mother of a hill. It's short, only .10/mi from bottom to top, but you gain 38 feet of elevation (5802-5840) in that tenth of a mile. It HURTS.

From then on, I had to walk quite a bit ... mostly because it was almost entirely uphill on the way home.

Still, despite all the miserable walking and the beginnings of blisters on my feet (damn you BodyGlide) ... I chopped my time down quite a bit.

4.20.2010: 6.16 mi in 1:08:16 ... 11:04.94/mi
5.6.2010: 6.16 mi in 1:06:40 ... 10:49.35/mi

Just cranking my way until BolderBOULDER I guess ... I'm just concerned about being able to run that much AFTER a 1500m swim and AFTER a ... 42k bike or whatever the Oly distance bike is. Ugh. I've got three months to try my damnedest to do it, though.

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  1. You will do great! Think positive and get used to running after biking. Doing BRick workouts is SUPER helpful!