Sunday, May 16, 2010


I'm back in Denver this weekend. And while it's a ridiculously short weekend (sad) it's given me a lot of wonderful opportunities. For instance, I got new shoes yesterday. :-) I also got a new T-shirt and polo at American Eagle. Could I have gotten this stuff in St. Louis? Of course. But I was out with the other member of Team Baby Dinosaur and it was just an enjoyable experience.

When I was planning on coming back into town this weekend, my main concern was hitting the parts of the tri that I am missing due to being away and on the road. Obviously those are swimming and cycling. I woke up around 6 yesterday and was on my bike and on the road by 7. When I was riding, there were very few cars on the road. The shrubbery was nice and green. The air felt clean and happy. Overall, it was just a pleasant experience. And I had one of those "moments" when I was pedaling.

Triathlon gives you freedom.

It gives you the freedom to do all three sports, in various capacities. You can do however much of one sport you want. You can choose to double up your workouts. You can choose how far to ride, or to do drills in the pool, or to do sprints on a track. You have so many options with triathlon. It gives you a freedom that is just unequaled by any other sport.

Yesterday, I felt free. I realized that I missed being able to cycle when I want to, to swim at the gym. And being back in Denver has given me that freedom. I can't wait for that freedom again next weekend!


  1. Here's another guy working towards his freedom too!! Enjoy!!

  2. great video, Dr. J. Thanks for that. :-)