Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April Recap

April's theme for the month was Step it Up. Why not, right? We had our first race of the season in April (the Cherry Creek Sneak 5 miler) and triathlon season is creeping up fast. So it was time to rebound from a somewhat crappy March and grind it out.

And step it up we did! My mileage total in terms of running was amazing. (for me. For some of you, it wasn't much, but shut up! For me it's good!) I also swam quite a bit and did some other working out that balanced everything.

The one area I need to improve on/do more of is cycling. I am just not getting out there enough, and with the tris coming up, I really need to add to my mileage. My cycling, quite frankly, has been unacceptable. And with me being in Indianapolis/St. Louis for the next month, I will not have easy access to my bike. However, on weekends, I will be in Denver and plan on utilizing my Trek quite a bit in Denver.

That being said, let's look at the totals for the month, shall we?:

Running - 42.19 miles
Swimming - 4.13 miles
Cycling - 15.32 miles
Swim intervals - two
two a days - one
Wii Fit - one
Yoga - two
Lifting - two
Hiking - one
Off - 7

So you take a look at this, and it's pretty impressive. I had my highest month running total EVER, my highest swimming month total EVER, and again, my workouts were very balanced. Factor in the fact I'm increasing my distance in running as well. And again, there's some stuff I need to work on. I gotta work on my diet still. I am snacking too much and not good snacks. I need to continue to hydrate properly. And I need to do some more two a days. Especially with the downtime that I'll have in St. Louis and Indy, even though it doesn't feel like a lot of downtime.

Alright May. Bring it on. :-)

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