Friday, February 10, 2017

On the Skirt Box

If you read this blog - or even if you know me - you know I love me some Skirt Sports. Comfy, cute, real, inspiring ... what's not to love?

And maybe after hearing me yammer about them for ages, you're possibly thinking of trying Skirt yourself? But maybe you have no idea where to start. Well, that's where the Skirt Box comes in! 

The general gist is:

- You give them your size and whether you like patterns or solids;
- You talk with a Skirt concierge (personal shopper, if you prefer) to give your credit card info ($10 concierge fee);
- You get your Skirt Box!

If you love a Skirt, that $10 goes toward the cost of purchase, which is pretty awesome. And if you love more than one style, you get a discount if you decide to keep them. Really, click the link to get all the details.

The real question is, which Skirts do you get? Well, you get five to try:

image1 (1)
The Lioness;

The Gym Girl Ultra;

The Happy Girl;

The Lotta Breeze Capri; and

The Tough Girl.

Want to see them all together? I know you do ...

From shortest to longest. Also my varying and weird facial expressions.

For your reference: I'm 5'9" and am wearing a large in all styles. My personal favorites are the Lioness and the Gym Girl. I don't run in the Happy Girl, but I do love it for travel. The mesh on the Lotta Breeze doesn't work for me for running - I prefer the Jette Capri - but it's cute to just wear around! The Tough Girl is great in winter, but I run so hot that I rarely actually wear it!

So, give the Skirt Box a try. It's basically risk free, and while I can't guarantee you'll love at least SOMETHING, I'm pretty sure that you will.

* Disclaimer: I WAS NOT PAID FOR THIS. I am a Skirt Ambassador so I do get a little something something from them for that and a little extra for being a captain, but I did not have to write this. I just chose to because I think this concept is freaking AWESOME. I will also NOT get any kickback if you choose to order a Skirt Box or anything else off their site. I pimp this out willingly because I heart it so much.