Friday, February 3, 2017

On the Sewing Room

So I know I briefly teased y'all about the Skirt Sports Sewing Room last year, saying I would talk about it later ... and then clearly left that conversation hanging. For later. Much, much later. 

Happily, later is finally here! We're in the latest funding phase so what better time to talk about this concept, right?

For those of you too lazy to click on the link above (trust me, I get it), the Sewing Room is basically a tiny condensed version of Kickstarter. If you've been around the Skirt game for a little while, you may have heard about the Gotta Go Skirt. Skirt Sports put out an April Fools' Day email in 2015 (I think ...?) about a Skirt that you could pee in! Well, enough people thought it was an awesome new idea that it actually became a reality. I own it. I haven't tested it out yet*, but I knew it was one of those things that I needed. 

Well, given the response, Skirt Sports started the Sewing Room, which works as follows:

- Design sharing. People either design something new or clamor to bring back something old. Ever wish a certain company would make something? That's basically what Skirt is enabling here.

- Design supporting. Once the submission phase ends, the support phase begins. People get to vote on the designs they want to see become reality.

- Design funding. The designs that get enough votes then go to the funding phase (which is where we are now).

- Design owning. The designs that get enough funding then get to become a reality! The first round of the Sewing Room resulted in Skirt bringing back the Cruiser Bike Girl as well as a new Skirt, the Happy High Waist - a longer Skirt with a higher waist for those of us who might have a little bit of a pooch we don't want showing.

Sound awesome? It really is. Plus, if the design you fund doesn't end up getting made, you get your money refunded (I know, because the Skirt I funded last round didn't end up getting made).

My current dilemma is deciding what to fund right now! I don't care about the Booty and Belly Love Tunic, but those Tundra Tights would be ah-mazing to wear on those super cold days or even out snowshoeing (or maybe even skiing?). The Long Haul Compression Skirt is a tempting prospect for long runs because I don't adore running with a handheld and I really do love compression shorts. I love the idea of the Watch Me Go Jacket because let's face it, running with a Garmin in the winter is super annoying due to sleeves and cold because of the wrist gap ... and I presume it's even worse if you have a watch with the wrist heart rate function because you then can't put it on over your sleeves (which just feels weird). So having a built in little hole for the watch?? Totally cool!

If any of the above sound awesome, head on over and fund something! It's basically win-win - if it doesn't get made, you're out no money, and if it DOES get made, well, you just get a fabulously original piece of apparel.

At the very least, help me decide what I should fund ...

(This round of funding ends 2.16, so get on it!)

* mostly because I'm not entirely sure where it disappeared to in my closet ...

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  1. I know! It is so hard to choose what to fund! I love the flask skirt and the jacket!