Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Round Up

First month of 2017: DONE!

Let's see how it went, shall we?

Swimming: 11700m (7.27 mi)
Cycling: 114.6 mi
Running: 33 mi
Lifting: nine sessions (4:32)
Other: 16 yoga sessions (3:21), one session plyometrics (:20), one walk (:30)

Well, so far, so good! I have not skipped a workout yet this year, but I will be completely honest and I say I was tempted a time or two. Well, technically we skipped a planned snowshoe, but that was more on the weather and the snow blocking us from actually getting to the place we wanted to snowshoe at.

Other than that ...

- The yoga every other day has been the hardest to keep up with/implement, despite seeing actual progress in terms of flexibility. You'd think that would be a motivator, but nope. I'm still sticking with it for at least another month ...

- The twice-weekly lifting sessions haven't felt like they've made an impact (yet)(I don't think), but I will keep plugging away regardless because I know strength work is good and important. Especially today when I felt clear upper leg/hip weakness doing split squats - is it any surprise I get fatigued over long distances? Nope!

In general, I'm really pretty happy with how things have been going. 

February's focus is on the swim - I have the goal of swimming every day and if I hit it (and stick with meter pools ...), I'll total 40km in swimming for the month! I've also suckered convinced several of my Team SFQ teammates into joining me in either at least #onekperday or 28km (average of 1km a day) for the month. Misery loves company!

I'm cutting back my run frequency from every other day to three days a week - Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday, which I'd like to ideally stick with for the rest of the year. If I feel like I need to up my running again I will, but that's the plan for now.

Cycling isn't anything set right now, but I am planning on doing more Coach Troy DVDs to add in a bit more focus to my sessions. Plus I hate them, and if I hate them, that means they're probably good for me, right?

I'm sticking with the twice-weekly lifting sessions, doing core/upper body and then core/lower body (pulling exercises from Strength Training for Triathletes), but I got a Pure Barre DVD* for Christmas from Brandon, so I'm planning on adding in that once a week as well starting the first full week (since we've got some travel this weekend).

Here's to another good month of training!

* This in theory should be the Mile High package as opposed to the Flatirons package, but I guess they changed things around. In any case, I got the two DVDs, the socks, and the ball.

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  1. Keep on rocking the training! Looks like you had a great last month!