Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Guess Who's Back ...

... back again ... as a Skirt Sports Ambassador captain???


That's right, this girl! This marks my third year as an ambassador and second year as a captain. As you may know (or not ... I've been seeing a tad bit more traffic 'round these here parts ... hi everyone!), I've been a fan of Skirt for several years. I first tried their product back in 2008 (technically 2007, but really, 2008) and converted totally to Skirt in 2010. I have a large(r) booty for a white girl (thanks, genetics!) and don't really like showcasing my ass in spandex when I run (getting a little better about it in day-to-day life). I ran in lacrosse-type shorts for a while, but ended up having to layer them over spandex anyway.

Nike tempo run shorts? Ha. Chafe city.

But Skirt Sports? Cute flirty skirts with shorts underneath (if you need them! There are a few styles with just spankies underneath) with POCKETS??? You mean I can run a 5K with my car keys? Whaaaaat? Or take my phone/camera/money/keys/food with me on a run and not have to hold anything if I so choose? That's just crazy talk.

Plus I love their #REALwomenmove movement, using actual real people as models (seriously. I'm friends with at least one of the ladies used frequently on the site) and embracing all women at all levels of fitness and activity level.

You see me in Skirt a lot on here. I do get a little compensation for being an ambassador, but even if I didn't and I weren't an ambassador, I would wear Skirt anyway because I love it that much.*

In full disclosure, I haven't loved everything Skirt I've ever owned. I have a Skirt Sports tri kit (and it's in that collage up top), but I prefer SMASH to race in (which is why I chose to be part of that team!). There are certain Skirt items that just don't work for me, but work wonderfully for other women. That's why they have so many products! There will certainly be something for you, even if you DON'T like wearing skirts. :)

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