Friday, January 13, 2017

Chilly Cheeks Race Goals

Okay, so the first race of the season is upon me tomorrow; Chilly Cheeks Duathlon #2. The weather has been pretty good, so it looks like I'll actually be able to ride my bike as opposed to swapping to the run-only option again. Woo!

I mean, it'll be cold (high of 40-something that day), but eh.

Chilly Cheeks is fun in that the format changes for each race in the series. The first race starts off with a four mile run and then ends with a 10.8 mile bike (with a random dash across the line). The third is basically that, but reversed (bike first). The second is the more standard du, with a 1.25 mile run, a 10.8 mile bike, and then a 2.75 mile run (so four miles total in running).

So. My goals for tomorrow are as follows:

- Don't kill myself on the first run. I tend to go out way faster than I probably should on the opening run of a duathlon. As it's going to be cold, and my lungs hate cold ... I need to consciously rein it in.

- Pace the bike. Partially because I haven't cycled a whole hell of a lot over the last few months. Partially because of the above - cold, lungs, blahblahblah. Partially because, duh, I have to run next.

- Smooth and steady on the second run. I'm not looking to place or to do anything outstanding in this race, mostly because I know I'm not in the shape to do so right now. I know I shouldn't push it hard tomorrow (unless I want to wreck myself completely, which I don't), so I'd like to see how smart I can be.

- Have fun! Always. I sign up for this series as pseudo-training motivation for the winter, for the sweats, and for the excuse to eat Jill's amazing homemade banana chocolate chip bread and Cup 'o Noodles (because I don't like them in any other context).

Back Wednesday to share how it went!

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