Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Goals

I'm doing things a little differently when it comes to goals this year.

(Obviously, I have the simple goals of represent both Skirt Sports and Team SFQ, but I'm talking besides that.)

My one, very simple goal, is this:

Enjoy the m f'ing process.

(Yes, that deserves the extra font, bold, etc.)

In the past year or so, I feel like I've lost some of the enjoyment I get in triathlon. I touched on this a tad in my IM Choo recap; I definitely enjoy racing, but all that lead up? Not so much. There are all of these quotes about enjoying the journey, and the process, and I know so many people who genuinely love the day to day of training ... and love it MORE than racing. I am not one of those people right now. I think I kind of was a few years ago, but that has been a giant pile of NOPE lately. I think the lack of enjoyment led to my ... okay, let's be real, three month break at the end of last year.

So. How do I enjoy the process again? 

Well, I'm not entirely sure. Step one to finding joy in the journey once more for me is setting the habit of moving my body daily. In January, I have committed to doing yoga and/or stretching (okay, I have officially written down "yoga," but some days so far it's been more like stretching ...) every other day. On the days I'm not doing yoga, I have been running. So that's yoga every other day, and running every other day. In February, I'm hoping to swim every day (partially because I know that is probably the best and easiest way to find progress in that area of life).

I think once I get in the general habit of simply moving, I'll look forward to the motion and therefore enjoy it? At least that's the early plan ... I'll reassess if need be.

Other than that, I am obviously still racing (see sidebar). I have quite a few planned (because it's me ...) and yes, I'd obviously like to do well in said races, but ultimately, I think if I train consistently and happily, everything else will fall into place. I also am planning on some races being complete fuck-around races, though.

- Chilly Cheeks 2 and 3? Totally weather dependent on how I do ...
- Cherry Creek Sneak? Will either be racing the 5 mile or joining friends in the 5K for their first race (so exciting if we can pull this off!)
- BolderBOULDER? After last year, I'm never "racing" this again. Waaaay too much fun to do the slip 'n slides and eat random crap.
- Skirt Sports 5K/13er? I'm planning on racing the sprint tri the day before, so I'm tentatively hoping to run the 13er super easy with some other Skirt ambassadors. If that doesn't work out, I'll probably race the 5K and see how well the back-to-back goes ...
- Pikes Peak Ascent? This race is a total bucket list item and my only goal is to finish with Brandon. Partially because I have no idea how my lungs are going to cooperate with the altitude ...

If all goes well, it will set me up for a fabulous 2018 which I'm already loosely planning out (shhh ...). 

Also: this might be famous last words, but I have the goal (pipe dream?) of posting in this here blog twice a week (with sketched out posts ahead of time!). So, come back to this space on Wednesdays and Fridays for new content!

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  1. Yay for Pikes Peak Ascent! I think bucket list races are sometimes the best way to get motivated (and that's why I'm currently battling for motivation -- I can't register for any goal races because I might be upending my life schedule, so my warm bed wins). I think you'll find the motivation returning as the race date gets closer.

    And darn, I won't be in CA for the Santa Cruz 70.3, or else I'd drive down and say hi. Timing fail!