Thursday, December 1, 2016

Race #12 of the Season: Broomfield Turkey Day 5K

... also known as the dilligaf* race. 

We did this race for a few different reasons:

1. We like doing a turkey trot on Thanksgiving.
2. I had a free entry to a 3W Races race thanks to getting lucky at the Skirt Sports 5K/13er.
3. Free pie.
4. Medal. While in general 5K medals are kind of ridiculous, race bling is still race bling, y'know?

However, we knew it wasn't going to go all that well for a few different reasons:

1. We spent the entirety of Wednesday in a car driving back from Arizona, eating like crap.
2. Re: the above: I ate like crap (when I ate). Poor Brandon slept the whole way thanks to getting food poisoning.
3. Running post-Choo? Hasn't really been much of a thing (maaaayyybe 20 miles?). 

But, whatever, it's a 5K and we didn't care and it's still fun.

We were a tad concerned about the wind driving to the race that morning - it was gusty AF on the way up, but thankfully, the wind mostly died down for us when it came time to run (Katie, up in Superior, wasn't so lucky. Apparently it stayed windy up there.).

I wore my new Skirt Sports Toasty tights which, by the way, kept my ass way toastier than normal (they work as advertised!**), though I'm not so sure it would have been the same for me during a longer run. More experimentation needed.

Brandon and I muddled through the race, going the opposite direction from last year, and finished, with my fourth slowest 5K time.

Final Stats:
Time: 34:58
81/202 AG (F30-39)
317/829 gender
636/1446 overall

* Google it.
** As you know from the sidebar, I am a Skirt ambassador. I get a discount, and can give you a discount, but I bought the tights myself and am under no obligation to say they're awesome. But they are. And the vest might be even more so ...

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