Monday, November 7, 2016

New for 2017 ...

... I will be part of Team Smashfest Queen!!

Team SFQ

I had known about SMASH for a couple of years but I finally broke down and bought a kit on our trip to Tucson in April 2015. Part of the reason why I had waited was that I wanted to try things on in person so as to not fuss with returns and all that (things fit me strangely, okay?). We got into contact with Hillary Biscay, arranged the meet up ... and ... well ... the rest is history!

I ride pretty much exclusively in SMASH now - I wear bib shorts now? Whaa?? - and, as you may have noticed from my multisport race photos from Barkin' Dog on, I finally bit the bullet and bought one of their tri kits. I've raced in five different kits and the SMASH kit is the most comfortable kit I've worn (which unfortunately includes my other love, Skirt). I didn't hop on the team bandwagon in 2016 - I was unsure as to what the team meant/included and we had already decided on TriSports at that point (whom I also still love, but wasn't the right fit for this upcoming year). 

But, when team apps opened up this year for SFQ, I took the chance, and happily, it paid off. Train in SMASH? Been doing so, will gladly continue to do so and will also be happy to continue racing in it!

I also think this is the sufficient motivation to prod me out of my offseason blues, as I am going to be in the company of some seriously awesome women!

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