Monday, December 5, 2016

November Round-Up

Oh November, in which the offseason continued hardcore.

Swimming: 800m (.5 mi)
Cycling: 0 mi
Running: 12.53 mi
Lifting: four sessions (1:00)
Other: one aerobics session (:10), one session of ice skating (1:00), one plyometrics session (:20), race volunteering (6:00), three walks (3:15), two yoga sessions (:40)

I did actually try to swim this month. I got in the pool and got super nauseous. It's weird, any time I take a significant swim layoff my first swim or two back are super rough and I feel very ill. I don't know if it's the chlorine, or what, but it sucks. I force my way through back into some sort of consistency and it goes away, but still. Blargh.

I had every intention of riding my bike this month - I dragged it down to Arizona (went down to volunteer at IMAZ) and everything! - but it just didn't happen. Oops. Plus my rear wheel keeps deflating on me so I think I need to rearrange the tube or something.

I did a few of my mall coffee runs, but on the way back from one, I don't know if it was too much iced coffee or what, but I vomited all over the side of the Cherry Creek Trail. Definitely a day I regretted running to the mall (because that four mile walk home was SUPER unappealing). My running kind of fell by the wayside after that ...

The one perk to this month is I had a variety of "other." More booty shaking around the house (the aerobics), a workout up at the Skirt second Tuesday event (the plyos), walking, yoga, the aforementioned volunteering (got a lot of walking in doing that as well ... also holding the soup tray? will hurt your arm ...), and we actually got back on ice skates again for the first time in a little over two years. That was a lot of fun, and I'd ideally like to do more of that in December, but I might have to do so on my own as the husband needs new skates.

December is officially planned out, so the triathlon break is over. I'm still going to technically consider myself in the "offseason," as while I plan on moving a lot, I'm not planning on a lot of said moving to be structured workouts. I also know I am so damn close to both 2000 mi on the bike and 500 mi running and I'd like to try and hit those ...


  1. I'm glad to see there are still some of us still blogging.

    PS: You are not pregnant are you? With all the nausea.

    1. i'm around a little still ...

      and no, none of that! it only happens when i try getting back in the pool after a layoff. after a few swims, it goes away. readjustment to chlorine? who knows ...