Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Round-Up

I decided that October would be my offseason (for the most part), and I have succeeded well in that.

Swimming: 0m (0 mi)
Cycling: 8.15 mi
Running: 10.57 mi
Lifting: four sessions (1:26)
Other: two aerobics sessions (:25), five walks (8:05), two yoga sessions (:35)

The "aerobics" are really just me shaking my booty around the house, but it's been enough to work up a bit of a sweat, so I count them (and "aerobics" is really the best way to describe them in BT). 

Most of my running has been running the four miles to the mall for coffee (with walks back). It's a decent way to get in four miles and lessen my carbon footprint. I finally sort of felt like getting back on my bike, so that's what my one ride was. Well, that and I biked to drop off our ballots. I almost died (okay, not really), but it took a while before I settled back into the rhythm of the bicycle.

Swimming ... just still sounds unappealing. I might make myself go to the pool tomorrow morning, if only to start building some consistency because I think that might be the only way for me to learn to love the water. Again. Kind of. 

In general, I in theory want to get back moving again, but the actual execution has been an issue. Either I needed a break more than I thought, or there's some other underlying issue I need to work through ...

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