Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Race #3 of the Season: BAA 5K

A.K.A. the race of grumbly-ness.

My desire to crush my ages-old 5K PR is well known 'round these here parts. Given that the BAA 5K was at sea level and pretty damn pancake flat ... I was secretly kind of hoping that it would go down at that race. I had hopes it would ...

We found a fantastic little Greek diner on Beacon Street that did breakfast all day so we could have our breakfast for dinner on Friday night and then, since they opened early enough, we decided to just go ahead and eat breakfast there as well on Saturday morning before hopping the T to the Boston Common for the race.

The triathletes in us are the reason we got to the race site so freaking early, but it's nice to do so because you can hit up the porta-potties, get bag check taken care of, and meet up with friends and not worry about missing the start.

Also you can take pictures.



Start/finish arch.


We found Norm and Emily in the park (as well as their friend Sarah) - Norm did AMAZING, coming in third (!) in his age group - talked with them for a minute, did our business, and got lined up.

We decided to run this thing on our own - each do what we could and see how it went.

For me:

- I somehow forgot to start my Garmin. I didn't really realize this until after the race when I went to stop said Garmin, because my goal was to not look at the splits in case my brain thought I was going too fast.

- It was a chilly morning, and that might have screwed with my lungs, but I don't know. All I do know is that I had to walk way more than I wanted to.

- The course goes over the finish of the Boston Marathon. I had tears come to my eyes when I crossed. I know I really don't have much of a desire to run a standalone marathon, but if I do, I want to be able to run Boston.

- I saw Lindsey right before that point - nice friendly face!

- I did not get a PR. Boo.

Final Stats:
Time: 27:35
233/786 division (F30-34)
1377/5033 gender
3386/8708 overall

I knew right after I didn't have a PR because Brandon knew his general time and I was a bit behind him ... we just didn't realize how far behind him I actually was. Later on, when the results were posted, I saw and was heartbroken. A measly 10 seconds better than Colder Bolder? Really? I know I'm better than that.

I know I didn't technically train specifically for this race, but I was hoping for better. I wanted better. I should have had better. My fastest days can't be behind me. I won't accept it.

Pretty much directly post-race. I was not as happy later on ...

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