Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April Round-Up

Oh, April. You are beginning to trend stupidly in terms of athletic motivation. Dislike, okay?

Swimming: 12350m (7.67 mi)
Cycling: 193.05 mi
Running: 42.62 mi
Lifting: three sessions (:52)
Other: two yoga sessions (:43), six walks (12:30), one day of yard work (2:00), three stretch sessions (:25)

Okay, so I knew swimming and cycling had a chance to be low(ish) this month because of our Boston trip. That was understood. What I didn't think would happen was apparent house PTSD from last year (or something) that made me completely blah and unmotivated for good chunks of the month. I skipped several workouts and cut others short. Time-wise, I still got in a lot (thank you vacation and Boston being a fantastic walking city) of hours, but it wasn't quality.

I also, as you may have read in the post before this, had a disappointing 5K (side note: I'm calling my second-fastest 5K ever as disappointing????) and a subsequent nice, long, email chat with Coach to hopefully work some stuff out. Initial changes point to positive, so that's good. Hopefully stuff will get better here on out, and hopefully things start turning toward the better in May ...

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