Monday, December 28, 2015

Race #8 of the Season: Endurance House Turkey Day 5K

Way back in the day, we would always run the Mile High United Way Turkey Trot (4miler) on Thanksgiving. For whatever reason, we stopped running it. 

This year, since Brandon was home, he wanted to run a turkey trot that morning. I was fine with it, as long as we could find an earlier one as I had to be at work at 11am. I found the Endurance House Turkey Day 5K (and 10K) which yes, was up in Broomfield, but started at 9:30. Perfect.

Brandon thought he signed up for the first one until race morning ...

I clearly didn't pay attention to any of my emails and thought the run was actually taking place from Endurance House. We drive up there, nope. Brandon goes into his email and gets us to the race site. He's listed ... I'm not. Crap. He signed up for the Anthem Turkey Day 5K (which has Endurance House as a sponsor) ... a different race. 

We freak out for a moment, deciding what to do. We decide to go to the race I signed up for and see if there was some mistake somehow. We bust ass over to my race site (about 10, 15 minutes away) ... and yep, only me registered and not Brandon. We say screw it, I pay the cash to sign him up and we get ready to run.




It ... was cold. It was actually the same ambient temperature as Pumpkin Pie was, but the lack of sun and addition of snow made it feel a hell of a lot colder. The plus side is, I was actually dressed for it this time around.

We didn't have a specific game plan for this race, but we hoped to finish fairly quickly because of, you know, work.

We went out too quickly as we found out at the first mile marker, clocking a 9:01. Uh, too cold for that. Mile two was quite a bit slower - 9:49. Mile three ... the cold really started hurting and maybe some of the lack of training caught up to me (I don't know) and like at Skirt Sports, Brandon managed to outsprint me at the end. Boo.

Final Stats:
Time: 30:12
Overall Rank: 212/(848. I think.)
Gender Rank: 88/475
Division Rank: 26/124 (F30-39)

A bit slower than Pumpkin Pie, but the conditions were also worse. Running through snow, in snow, with cloud-covered cold. But I got to eat pie after it as well, which is always a win, so woo for that.

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