Sunday, December 27, 2015

Race #7 of the Season: Pumpkin Pie 5K

Waaaay back on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, I ran the Pumpkin Pie 5K. I first heard about the race two years ago. A run? And I get free pie afterward? Free pumpkin pie, which just so happens to be my favorite type of pie? When can I do this?

Turns out ... not for a while. Pumpkin Pie race fell on IMAZ weekend in 2013 (no good) and on Vegas half weekend in 2014 (figures). As a result, I said there was no way in hell I was missing the race this year.

And ... I didn't. Brandon did, but it happens.

Race was in City Park. I got there early, and was not expecting it to be so damn cold (low-20s and sunny). I was not exactly dressed for the weather. Slightly freaking out, I grabbed a ghetto hat and gloves from my car (I keep extra warm stuff in there for emergencies) and ran with them.

My 5K race plan was my usual one these days - go out hard and hold on for dear life ... or so I thought. I ended up negative-splitting the damn thing. Somehow.

I have never run in that hat/those gloves before and I never will again if I can help it.

First split: 9:41. Okay, great.
Second split: 9:39. That felt a bit harder, but cool, consistency.
Third split: 9:24. That hurt a bit.

Final Stats:
Time: 29:21
Overall Rank: 289/1757
Gender Rank: 116/1205
Division Rank: 24/171 (F30-34)

Sub-30 5K in colder-than-expected temperatures? I'll take it. Pumpkin pie at the end and an anthropomorphic pumpkin pie medal? Totally worth it.

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