Wednesday, August 6, 2014

7/28-8/3: Trails and Tutus

Last week's featured workout took place on Sunday.

That morning, we were supposed to meet up with some friends of ours to try trail running at White Ranch Open Space up in Golden. We got up there ... saw nobody. Apparently there were two parking lots and we were at the wrong one. Oops. While confused, we managed to get a nice view of the city:


15 minutes after we were supposed to start, we said "screw it" and decided to just go ourselves, given what else we had going on that day. We picked a random path; it took us to a picnic site only; picked another one. We descended and descended and descended ... and after a little while ... decided to turn it around because we knew it would take us a while to climb back out.

And it did. A long while. More hiking than running ... and both of us tripping. I still have quite a nice bruise on the outside of my right knee thanks to my fall. Yay, we're normal?


It was fun, but I don't think it's ultimately for us. Or at least me, since I am fairly klutzy. I don't really want to injure myself on the trails and screw me over for triathlon season. I'll stick to the slower hiking ...

Afterward, we drove from Golden to Boulder so we could volunteer for Ironman Boulder. We knew about a half-dozen people racing - from friends to MX-12 teammates - and got a spot as bike marshals with about two miles left to go on the bike course. Brandon was at mile 109.9 - I was at 109.6.

Our friend Danielle looking at Brandon's sign. Her husband is doing IMoo this year!

Brandon wearing his awesome yellow vest.


I wore a crazy rainbow tutu as part of my outfit and spent the 6.5 hours of my shift jumping and waving and yelling. I was gesturing and telling people to go straight down the course (and through the intersection) as well as giving words of encouragement or compliments or, whatever, really.

I was hot, I got sunburned, I had to pee for half the shift ... but I also got to see some of my friends racing and hopefully provide some energy to those last few athletes on the bike course. I posted on twitter near the end:

"Most people are fairly non-responsive ... I have a crap voice but I'm picking up the energy because the athletes need it! #IMBoulder"

It also made me really want to do an Ironman again ... but I'm sticking to my 2016 guns, damnit!

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