Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weeks Forty-Six and Forty-Seven: 11/11-11/24

Holy poopy am I behind. Haven't decided whether or not I'm doing anything today, so this doesn't include week 48.

Monday, November 11: Off: busy
- Really hoped to swim, but just didn't end up having enough time, what with all our getting ready.

Tuesday, November 12: Off: driving
- ARIZONA, BABY! Wore compression tights all day, though.

Wednesday, November 13: Run: 1.82 mi in 19:22 - 10:38/mi
- part of IMAZ run course
- the hilly part
- To shake out the legs and test out the course.

Thursday, November 14: Bike: 9.09 mi in 31:04; avg cad 84; 17.56 mph
- 22.8 mph max
- part of the IMAZ course
- Not the Beeline, unfortunately, but felt fantastic regardless.

Friday, November 15: Off: scheduled
- Rest day!

Saturday, November 16: Swim: 500m in 12:15.08 - 2:27/100m
- pre-race swim
- a little chilly
- Swim was the last bit mentally we decided we needed to do. Did slice my ankle open on my bike, though, and got five stitches, so we'll see how tomorrow actually goes ...

Sunday, November 17: Triathlon: IM Arizona: 15:55:35
- 2.4 mi swim in 2:02:48 - 3:11/100m
- 112 mi bike in 7:26:02 - 15.06 mph, avg cad 84; 25.6 mph max
- 26.2 mi run in 6:07:29 - 14:02/mi
- T1 in 11:24, T2 in 7:52
- That was unbelievably hard but unbelievably awesome! Chafed horribly, felt great coming out of the water. Bike a horrible disappointment. Run felt surprisingly good except for the gastro issues. Ankle a non-issue ... except in T1 where I made sure it was fine. When can I do another one??

Monday, November 18: Off: can't move
- I am so sore that I couldn't do anything even if I wanted to! Which I don't, because RECOVERY!!

Tuesday, November 19: Off: scheduled
- Sweet, sweet recovery!

Wednesday, November 20: Off: scheduled
- Walking is getting slightly easier ...

Thursday, November 21: Off: scheduled
- Almost have full mobility back!

Friday, November 22: Walking: ~ 4:00

- Around Boston. Knee/legs started acting up after a while ...
- Mentally, I want to do more. Physically, ha!

Saturday, November 23: Walking: ~ 2:00
- Not as much movement today - still pretty sore ...
- Maybe someday I won't hurt ...

Sunday, November 24: Off: scheduled
- One week later, and I am on the couch and loving every second of it!

I almost don't know what to do with myself. It's the first time since January that I haven't had a workout plan. IT'S SO WEIRD.

Week 46 training time: 16:39:00
Week 46 training mileage: 151.82 mi
Week 47 training time: 6:00
Week 47 training mileage: 0 mi (!)
Weekly combined training time: 22:39:00
Weekly combined training mileage: 151.82 mi
Yearly training time: 284:58:35
Yearly training mileage: 2443.39 mi

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