Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Round-Up

November was a relatively down month, but we all knew that was going to happen. Taper and recovery bookending a ginormous race tend to do that. But! The perk is I actually did some other random stuff BESIDES swim bike run for a change, so that was nice.


Running: 39.16 mi
Swimming: 8862m (5.5 mi)
Cycling: 231.52 mi
Lifting: 5 min (one whole tiny session)(better than nothing)
Other: 6:00 of walking, 8 min of stretching, a little over 17 minutes of Sportoga

While this was a down month for me this year, it was still a hell of a month in the grand scheme of things (especially looking back at some of the months I've had in the past).

December will hopefully see some swimming and some cycling, but it will NOT include running. Sad day. But, I ran on Thanksgiving and my IT band flared up something fierce, so we shall be purchasing a foam roller in the very near future. The Sportoga session also showed my lack of strength (good jeebus those chair dips huuurrrrt), so I shall hopefully be spending quite a bit of time back in the gym. And maybe some hockey, but that may have to wait until next year.

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