Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Week Forty-Eight: 11/25-12/1

In which I try to do ... something.

Monday, November 25: Off: recovery
- I'll get back into working out ... eventually ...

Tuesday, November 26: Off: recovery
- Body, heal!

Wednesday, November 27: Off: recovery
- Okay, starting to go crazy. Going to try running tomorrow!

Thursday, November 28: Run: 1.98 mi in 23:24 - 11:49/mi
- Run CO informal Turkey Trot
- mile 1 in 9:49 ... downhill from there
- dang IT band
- Well, first mile I got caught with speedy people who wanted to know how IM went. Stopped after that ... then knee/IT band started acting up big time. Looks like I won't be running until 2014 ...

Friday, November 29: Off: principle
- Black Friday. I was going to stay inside as much as possible.

Saturday, November 30: Sportoga: 17:15
- MX12 stretching/strength
- good jeebus I feel weak
- This exposed how weak I've gotten (relatively speaking). Time for some serious weights.

Sunday, December 1: Off: surprisingly sore
- So I don't know if it's due to the Sportoga exposing my horrible lack of strength or the fact that I'm not quite 100% recovered, but I am SORE today - tris, quads, back.

Weekly training time: 40:39
Weekly training mileage: 1.98 mi
Yearly training time: 285:39:14
Yearly training mileage: 2445.37

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  1. I like this layout and update for your blog! Good on you!