Tuesday, November 8, 2011

October Round-Up

I think this is the last post I need before I'm all caught up ...

While September wasn't good ... October was worse, I'm not going to lie. There's a reason Brandon wrote his last post. I really have no excuses for anything ... but here we go. Onward.

Running: 15.01 mi (average went waaaay up)
Swimming: 0 mi (boo.)
Cycling (outside): 0 mi (boo.)
Cycling (inside): 0 mi (boo ... kind of.)
Lifting: three sessions
Other: two yoga sessions, two hikes/walks (long enough to warrant a mention here), one belly-dancing lesson

I also did a guided meditation (and have done another this month) which, while not technically working out, was very calming in a spiritual sense and we all know our minds, bodies and spirits are connected.

In any case, except for some variation in the workouts, what few there were, there are really no positives to take ... except for the fact that I feel slow and fat and just ugh. Therefore, November's already off to a halfway decent start. So plus for that!

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  1. Allow me to quote a former and now your local boy:

    “That’s huge to get that momentum going,” Tebow said. “I talk about it, but I really believe it and it’s huge — once you get the momentum on your side, I think it’s a huge advantage. No matter who you are, I think it’s much tougher to be stopped when you’ve got that mo going for you.”

    You two need to get the ole Mo working for you! See, the problem is, lack of Mo is just as powerful. Good luck!